What happened: President Joe Biden urged Congress to act on his American Jobs Plan, which includes $387 billion in transportation investment, during an April 28 speech before a joint session of Congress.

The president noted the power of infrastructure investment to create jobs, connect the country and generate economic opportunity. Biden credited Republicans for putting forward their own infrastructure plan and urged both parties in Congress to get to work on achieving an outcome.

Key Biden quote: “Throughout our history, if you think about it, public investment in infrastructure has literally transformed America, our attitudes as well as our opportunities. The transcontinental railroad, interstate highways, united two oceans and brought a totally new age of progress to the United States of America.”

ARTBA’s take: Biden’s address underscored the potential for finding common ground on transportation infrastructure. His remarks support a long overdue and much-needed debate about how Congress can deliver a transportation system that benefits all Americans.

What’s next: Negotiations between Republicans and Democrats continue, as key congressional committees ready highway and public transit reauthorization bills in coming weeks.