Work zone fatalities and crashes increased to record highs in 2019 after a decline the previous year, according to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration data.

“Over the past 10 years, work zone fatalities have increased nearly 44 percent, averaging an annual increase of 4 percent a year,” said ARTBA Senior Vice President of Safety & Education Brad Sant.

“During this time, surprisingly only approximately 10 percent of work zone fatalities were roadside workers struck by a vehicle. The rest were drivers, passengers and other road users,” Sant continued. “When you approach a roadway work zone, slow down and pay close attention to posted speed limit signs, watch for workers, and avoid distractions as you drive.”

National Work Zone Awareness Week (April 26-30) begins Monday with the second annual National Stand-down to Prevent Struck-by Incidents in Construction. Contractors are urged to pause work to educate crews about the risks and solutions for mitigating the #1 cause of injuries and #2 cause of death among construction workers.

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