What happened: The White House used Earth Day to announce plans to reduce greenhouse gas pollution by up to 52 percent from 2005 levels by 2030.

Why it matters: The move reinforces President Joe Biden’s focus on climate change, environmental justice, domestic production, and infrastructure. Meeting the emissions reduction goal will play a significant role in transportation legislation being developed in the House and Senate.

White House comment: “The United States can reduce carbon pollution from the transportation sector by reducing tailpipe emissions and boosting the efficiency of cars and trucks; providing funding for charging infrastructure; and spurring research, development, demonstration, and deployment efforts that drive forward very low carbon new-generation renewable fuels for applications like aviation, and other cutting-edge transportation technologies across modes. Investment in a wider array of transportation infrastructure, including transit, rail, and biking improvements, will make more choices available to travelers.”

What to watch: A likely first move to achieve these objectives will be the repeal of President Donald Trump’s fuel economy standards, which administration officials have said do not go far enough.