By Brad Sant, senior vice president of safety & education, ARTBA

ARTBA’s safety team reminds its members and other transportation construction firms that U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) penalties increased Jan. 15 for violations of safety and health standards.

OSHA’s maximum penalties are now $13,653 per violation for serious and other-than-serious violations, and  $136,532 per violation for willful or repeated violations. In some instances, OSHA has assessed such penalties on a “per-worker-exposed basis,” multiplying the fines many times. If an employer fails to act after a citation, “failure-to-abate” citations can be issued at $12,934 daily.

Penalties are adjusted by inflation every year. States that operate their own safety programs must likewise raise their fines to match OSHA’s and typically do so within six months. Half of the 10 most frequently cited OSHA standards violations occur in the construction industry; and most are related to falls, according to the agency.

The ARTBA Foundation offers a variety of industry-specific safety training courses to help employers operate in accordance with federal and state regulations. Visit the Training & Education section of the ARTBA Safety Center, or contact ARTBA’s Robinson Vasquez for more information.