The Transportation Research Board (TRB) has launched a year-long centennial celebration that includes the “Tell Us ‘Our’ Story Challenge.” TRB would like to get as many responses as possible to these three hyperlinked questions:

What drew you to transportation community, and what keeps you here?

What impact do you hope to have on the world and how is the Transportation Research Board helping you make that impact?

What is your vision for the Transportation Research Board 100 years from now?

The links give responders the option to submit a reply in writing or provide a YouTube link to a short video they can take with their smart phone. If they submit a written response, TRB asks they also upload a photo of themselves to be displayed with their quote. The deadline is July 1.

In addition to posting responses to these questions online and publicizing them via social media channels, TRB will produce banners that will display some of the responses throughout the 2021 annual meeting venues.

Responses to these questions and the banners they could be displayed on will dovetail with the theme for the Jan. 24-28, 2021, Annual Meeting, which is themed, “Launching a New Century of Mobility and Quality of Life.” More information on the “Tell Us ‘Our’ Story Challenge” is available on TRB’s centennial website.