ARTBA member firm HDR has been selected by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) to assist it in developing and implementing its 3D Digital Delivery initiative. The effort will redefine how infrastructure projects are designed and delivered in the state, the firm said in a Feb. 20 release.

PennDOT expects that by 2025 all of its construction projects will have the ability to be bid using 3D technology such as building information modeling, rather than in a traditional construction plan format. This transformational change is an important part of meeting the department’s larger goals of reduced project costs, improved design and construction efficiency and reduced project risks.

Omaha, Nebraska-based HDR has been at the forefront of the BIM for Infrastructure evolution in the U.S., completing pilot projects in multiple states and working with industry groups to craft national standards. To assist PennDOT, the firm assembled top experts from offices around the nation, with experience in developing policies and standards and applying these design tools to real-world projects.