The four winners of ARTBA’s 9th Annual Student Transportation Video Contest have created cool visual presentations to quickly discuss electric and driverless vehicles, and safe driving practices.

Sponsored by ARTBA’s Research and Education (RED) Division, the contest aims to raise awareness about America’s transportation network. Students submit videos in either the general transportation or transportation safety categories. The winners, who receive $500 each, were selected by a panel of ARTBA members and film industry experts.

Click the title link to watch each video.

General Transportation Category

Age Group One (Elementary, Middle or High School Students)

“Electric Vehicles” by Dylan Tran. Dylan is a senior at Granada Hills Charter High School in Porter Ranch, California and is part of their STEM program. His video highlights the increased importance of electric cars, outlining how they function, how they affect our environment, and the rise in sales trends in recent years.

Age Group Two (Post-Secondary/College/Graduate Level)

“Transportation Trends” by Rithik Sachdeva, who is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering at University of California, Davis in Santa Clara, California. His video addresses new transportation trends and technologies, specifically driverless, automated vehicles.

Safety Category

Age Group One (Elementary, Middle or High School Students)

“Car Safety” by Ryan Song. Ryan is an 8th grader at Buena Vista Seventh-day Adventist School in Auburn, Washington. In his animated video, Ryan identifies safe driving practices and habits, sharing tips to avoid accidents and injury to yourself and to others.

Age Group Two (Post-Secondary/College/Graduate Level)

“Training-free Monocular 3D Event Detection System for Traffic Surveillance” by Lijun Yu. Lijun is pursuing a Master of Language Technologies at Carnegie Melon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. His video presents models for detecting car crashes as well as actions like stopping and U-turns, and future applications.

To see more videos visit ARTBA’s Student Video Contest YouTube Channel.