By Mark Holan, editorial director, ARTBA

Key state transportation department officials are among the featured guest speakers at ARTBA’s four Regional meetings, upcoming from Oct. 23 through Nov. 14.

This year’s Dr. J. Don Brock TransOvation™ Workshop, part of the Oct. 28-29 Southern Regional meeting in Miami, will highlight the “Top 5 Disruptors” impacting the transportation design and construction industry.

“This year’s regional meetings not only include important, hot topics that are relevant to all membership divisions, but also provide excellent opportunities for attendees to network with peers in the region,” said ARTBA Senior Vice President, Strategic Engagement Allison Klein.

See the regional meeting website and register now.

State officials

Top state officials speaking at the meetings include:

  • Kenneth M. McClain, district executive of the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation; and Mark Compton, CEO of the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission, at the Northeastern regional, Oct. 23-24 in Philadelphia;
  • Florida Department of Transportation Secretary Kevin Thibault; and Jason Davis, assistant director for engineering & operations at the Utah Department of Transportation, at the Miami meeting;
  • Patrick McKenna, director of the Missouri Department of Transportation; Steve Hewitt, CEO of the Kansas Turnpike Authority; and Julie Lorenz, secretary of the Kansas Department of Transportation, at the Central regional, Nov. 6-7 in Kansas City, Mo.; and
  • Nathan D. Lee, director of technology and innovation at the Utah Department of Transportation; and Brian Barth, director of project planning and development at the Texas Department of Transportation, at the Western regional, Nov. 13-14 in San Antonio, Texas.

Transportation Disruptors

At TransOvation™, expert speakers from the transportation construction industry, technology firms, ARTBA senior staff, and additional state officials will address disruption in five major areas:

  • project determination;
  • funding;
  • artificial intelligence & automation;
  • integration of new technologies;
  • and workforce.

“What makes these meetings so unique is the direct contribution and insights from the Industry Leader Development Council leaders,” Klein said. “Their guidance has continued to make the meeting content extremely valuable for attendees.”

Other Highlights

This year’s meetings also feature “Future Workforce” sessions that are co-hosted with the Women’s Transportation Seminar (WTS) chapter in each city.

New ARTBA Chairman Steve McGough, president and CFO of Texas-based HCSS, will address all four regional meetings, and senior ARTBA staff will provide legislative, regulatory, and market updates.

Each of the regional meetings offer attendees the chance to obtain Professional Development Hours. Please contact ARTBA’s Project Coordinator Lena Khtei for more details.

There are also plenty of professional networking opportunities. Special social receptions at the Northeastern, Central and Western meetings are exclusively sponsored by Tensar.