Aliecia Taormina, director of client services at LCPTracker.

By Mark Holan, editorial director, ARTBA

Prevailing wage compliance is easier when client agencies and prime contractors work together and know their responsibilities.

That was the message delivered by Chris Caron, regional compliance manager at Kiewit, and Aliecia Taormina, director of client services at LCPTracker, during their Law & Regulatory Forum presentation at the ARTBA Foundation’s Transportation Construction Professional Development Week.

For agencies, that means determining the correct prevailing wage is in the contract. Up to 40 percent of contracts are incorrect, Caron said. It’s easier to be proactive, and make sure wages are correct in the contract, than have to ask for adjustments later.

Contractors need to be sure they understand how payrolls are collected and certified; that they are responsible for subcontractor compliance; and to identify all subs and vendors involved in a project.

Spot checking wages through field interviews is essential. Electronic payroll systems can be helpful, but aren’t always right for every job. Devoting time and resources to prevailing wage compliance throughout the project will save time and money at the end of the job.