New state chapter leaders, from left to right: Dean, Prasad, and Sakata.

By  Allison Rose, director of Member Services, Records & Chapter Relations, ARTBA

Three association executives with diverse backgrounds and experience assumed leadership roles at ARTBA-affiliated state chapters in 2018. As members of ARTBA’s Council of State Executives, they will provide valuable insights on federal and state policy issues to the national association and their chapter peers.

Joey Dean was selected in February as the executive vice president of AGC Arkansas. He has more than 25 years of experience in economic development, advocacy, organizational management, business development and marketing. Dean was formerly with Flake & Kelley Commercial, where he focused on commercial and industrial brokerage, as well as governmental consulting. He also served more than a decade as the vice president of economic development for the Little Rock Regional Chamber, working closely with state and local elected officials on economic development issues and other projects. He served as the executive director of the Metro Little Rock Alliance, a regional economic development marketing organization.

Ananth Prasad on Jan. 1 will become president of the Florida Transportation Builders’ Association (FTBA), following Bob Burleson’s retirement after a 30 years in the role. Prasad spent this year in leadership transition after being named president-designate in late 2017. He previously led HNTB’s national transportation practice as a senior vice president and spent 22 years with the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), culminating in his tenure as secretary from 2011 through 2014. At various times during those years, Prasad was also an active member of the AASHTO-AGC-ARTBA Joint Committee, an executive-level transportation policy group, and the AASHTO Subcommittee on Construction, in which ARTBA also participates. In 2015, ARTBA recognized Prasad as a co-winner of its “P3 Entrepreneur of the Year” award.

Michael Sakata in July was named executive director of the Maryland Transportation Builders & Materials Association (MTBMA). He replaced retired industry veteran Jim Russ. Sakata spent 16 years on the ARTBA staff in Washington, D.C., concluding his tenure as vice president of services & technology. Sakata also provided leadership to the Metropolitan Washington Road & Transportation Builders Association (MWRTBA), another ARTBA chapter affiliate, and the Council of University Transportation Centers (CUTC), an ARTBA member-organization. Sakata serves as first vice chairman of The Road Gang, a DC-based fraternal group of highway transportation executives from the public and private sectors, which ARTBA co-founded in 1942. He sits on the Board of Directors of the Architecture Construction Engineering (ACE) Association, where he encourages high school students to pursue careers in the fields of transportation design and construction.

ARTBA is pleased to have these three chapter executives as key members of our team as we face a full 2019 agenda. For questions about state chapter affiliates, please contact ARTBA’s Allison Rose.