ARTBA Chief Economist Dr. Alison Premo Black at Northeastern regional meeting.

By Mark Holan, editorial director, ARTBA

An effort to repeal the 2017 law that increases California’s transportation funding by $5.2 billion annually tops the list of hundreds of ballot measures voters will consider Nov. 6.

“The attempted repeal of Proposition 6 in California is a real concern for the transportation construction community and the motoring public,” ARTBA Chief Economist Dr. Alison Premo Black said during an Oct. 25 presentation at ARTBA’s Northeastern Region meeting, held in the Nation’s Capital.  “If successful, it could lead to a wave of similar initiatives to roll back transportation infrastructure investment in other states,” she said.

Debate about the 12-cents-per-gallon gasoline, and 20-cents-per-gallon diesel, tax increases was lively and expected during last year’s legislative session in Sacramento, Black said. But now work has begun on transportation projects based on the additional funding.

ARTBA’s economics team earlier this year produced six reports showing the extra transportation infrastructure investment will generate between $9.7 billion and $34.5 billion of additional economic activity and user benefits in California’s major regions over the next decade.

The repeal effort is being driven by some congressional Republicans who are using the ballot measure to drive GOP turnout in an attempt to save the House from flipping to the Democrats.

A 10-cent-per-gallon motor fuels tax increase is also on the Nov. 6 ballot in Missouri.

State and local voters have approved an average 75 percent of transportation investment measures over the past decade. Last year’s approval rate was 82 percent.

ARTBA’s Transportation Investment Advocacy Center (TIAC) will produce a comprehensive report about the outcome of this year’s ballot measures the day after the election. Then, at 3 p.m. Eastern, Nov. 8, TIAC will host a webinar to review and discuss the results. Register now.