By Dave Bauer, executive vice president of advocacy, ARTBA

The House and Senate will continue to be in recess the week of April 2 and many will be in their home states and districts. Please make sure your senators and representative hear from you about the need to deliver a permanent solution to the Highway Trust Fund’s (HTF) revenue shortfall and the importance of improved transportation infrastructure to your state’s economy.

President Trump is continuing to push Congress to deliver a $1.5 trillion investment package that would upgrade the U.S. transportation and other infrastructure networks.  Any infrastructure measure is a key opportunity to advance a HTF fix in advance of the fund’s next revenue shortfall, projected for October 2020.

Please tell your members of Congress:

  • $143 billion in transfers from other parts of the federal budget since 2008 to preserve highway and transit investment is unsustainable;
  • Repeated emergency bailouts create dysfunctional uncertainty that undermines state implementation of long-term transportation improvement programs;
  • Congress has a short window of time to address this situation before states once again begin scaling back planned transportation improvement projects; and
  • A permanent HTF revenue solution should be the foundation of any infrastructure package.

If you have any questions about how to reach your representative and senators, please contact ARTBA Senior Vice President of Congressional Relations Dean Franks: