By Dean Franks, senior vice president, congressional relations, ARTBA

The Senate voted 81-18 Jan. 22 to support an 18-day Continuing Resolution (CR), ending the three-day shutdown of most federal government programs. The House was preparing to vote on the measure later in the day, with President Trump expected to sign it.

If that happens, all government functions would reopen as normal Jan. 23. The new CR extends funding to Feb. 9 at the FY 2017 levels approved last year.

The deal to reopen the government resulted from negotiations between moderate senators of both parties agreeing to keep negotiating on immigration issues over the next three weeks. Senate Republican leadership reportedly agreed to allow a vote by the full Senate on any deal reached during that timeframe.

ARTBA staff will continue to lobby for full funding of the FAST Act authorized surface transportation levels in any final FY 2018 appropriations bill.