By Allison Rose, member services, records and chapter relations director, ARTBA

ARTBA celebrated milestone anniversaries last year with four of its 36 state chapter affiliates. Recognition plaques were presented to these affiliates by ARTBA leaders:

  • AGC of Minnesota, 50 year anniversary:

Left to right: Peter “Chipper” Johnson, AGC of Minnesota Board Chairman and President of Hoover Construction; Rob Regier, ARTBA; and Tim Worke, AGC of Minnesota CEO

  • Connecticut Road Builders Association (CRBA), 75 year anniversary:

Left to right: David Chapman of Blakeslee Arpaia Chapman, CRBA president; Rich Juliano of ARTBA; and Don Shubert, CRBA executive secretary.

  • Ohio Contractors Association (OCA), 75 year anniversary:

Dave Guzzo of Double Z Construction Company, previous OCA Chairman of the Board, left, and Rich Juliano of ARTBA.

  • Associated Pennsylvania Constructors (APC), 80 year chapter anniversary in conjunction with APC’s 90 year anniversary as an organization:

ARTBA 2017-18 Chairman Matt Cummings, left, and Craig A. Hoogstraten of James J. Anderson Construction Co., Inc., past APC president.


ARTBA has enjoyed and benefited from the relationship with these state chapters. Chapter affiliates and ARTBA work together to assure strong federal investment in transportation construction and tackle other issues. ARTBA is proud of the longevity and accomplishments with the chapters above—and our other 32 affiliates—and looks forward to continuing these beneficial partnerships for years to come.

For questions about these state chapter affiliates, please contact ARTBA’s Allison Rose.