By Dean Franks, senior vice president, congressional relations, ARTBA

UPDATE: Congress Monday afternoon appeared to be heading toward ending the three-day shutdown.

The so-called “government shutdown” that began Jan. 20 means most federal programs have come to a halt. Due to the budgetary nature of the federal highway programs, however, the Federal Highway Administration remains open and construction projects funded by the agency continue to operate as normal.

ARTBA has prepared a rundown on how a shutdown impacts other federal transportation programs.

The government had been operating since October through several short-term Continuing Resolutions (CR) at FY 2017 levels because Congress has not agreed on FY 2018 spending levels. Both Democrats and Republicans largely agree on the need to do another short-term CR before finalizing spending levels for the rest of the year.

Their differences lie in other issues, mainly the status of the “Dreamers” – people brought to the U.S. when they were children by parents whom immigrated illegally. Democrats would like to see the issue resolved in the next CR, or have an agreement in place to do so shortly thereafter, while Republicans do not see the need to deal with the issue now.

ARTBA staff will keep members apprised of the government funding situation as developments occur.