P3 thought leaders at ARTBA headquarters.

By Rich Juliano, managing director, Public Private Partnerships Division, ARTBA

More than 30 leaders in the public private partnerships (P3) sector Jan. 9 gathered at ARTBA’s headquarters in the Nation’s Capital for the 5th Annual P3 “Town-Gown” Roundtable. Participants represented developers, contractors, design firms, state and local governments, law firms and academic institutions, among others.  ARTBA P3 Division President Simon Santiago of Nossaman LLP helped preside.

The discussion agenda included the current legislative prospects for P3s, the effect of the new federal tax law on P3 transactions, and the recap of a research project relating to state DOT practices in the area.

Bill Reinhardt, publisher of Public Works Financing, conceived this event as an opportunity for P3 practitioners (the “town”) to conduct a detailed discussion on current issues and research with scholars and academics (the “gown”).  ARTBA has provided the venue at its conference facility each year. The Association for the Improvement of American Infrastructure also co-hosted this year’s roundtable.

The P3 Division’s next webinar is Feb. 8. For information about it and other activities, please contact ARTBA’s Allison Rose.