With a commitment to helping significantly reduce the 50,000 fatalities and injuries that occur annually in and around U.S. transportation projects, the Safety Certification for Transportation Project Professionals™ (SCTPP) program was launched in late 2016 to help ensure there are people on every site who have the basic knowledge and skills to address—and correct—safety hazards.

It’s intended for the thousands of transportation project workers, supervisors, foremen, inspectors, managers, manufacturers and materials suppliers, designers, equipment operators and owners.

The two-and-a-half hour exam contains up to 120 multiple-choice questions that probe knowledge in: assessing project risks; creating project safety plans; implementing and conducting on-going evaluation of a site-specific operational safety plan; and conducting incident investigations.

It is designed to meet the rigorous protocols required for accreditation by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the International Organization for Standardization ISO/IEC 17024: “Conformity Assessment: General Requirements for Bodies Operating Certification of Persons.”

Though no formal or specific training is required, ARTBA has developed eight courses from its Online Learning Center (OLC) to help with exam preparation.

The courses include traffic and hazard control, communications, work sites, risk assessment, personal protective equipment, and more.  Each course comes with Professional Development Hour (PDH) credits.

Additional information about the program, eligibility requirements, and the OLC can be accessed at: www.puttingsafetyfirst.org.