ARTBA Chief Economist Dr. Alison Premo Black will release her highly-anticipated 2018 U.S. transportation construction market forecast during a Nov. 30 webinar, which begins at noon, Eastern.

David Bauer, the association’s top lobbyist, also will discuss developments on the tax reform package now pending in Congress, and possible timing for a Highway Trust Fund fix and the Trump administration’s infrastructure package.

This premium event is a great value for analysts and investors, transportation design and construction professionals, and public agency officials.

Major topics include:

  • National market forecast and state transportation funding trends;
  • Modal forecast: highway, bridge, airport runway, transit, freight, rail, and ports/waterway markets;
  • Ongoing implementation of the 2015’s FAST Act surface transportation law;
  • Market impacts of nearly 200 Nov. 7 state and local transportation ballot initiatives; and
  • State and local transportation funding trends.

Webinar participants will have the opportunity to ask questions. Registration via the ARTBA Store is $325, or $150 for public agency officials.

Paid participants will receive a copy of the PowerPoint Presentation and “Q & A” session with Dr. Black and Mr. Bauer, plus a copy ARTBA’s national “2018 U.S. Transportation Construction Market Forecast.”