By Allison Klein, vice president of member services, ARTBA

ARTBA’s Southern Regional Meeting, Oct. 25-26, in Nashville, Tennessee, will offer a featured workshop on “Millennials & the Future Workforce.”

The next generation of transportation construction industry leaders is beginning to move into key management positions as shifting demographics continue to change the workforce. Learn how the most innovative companies are recruiting, retaining, and maximizing the surge of millennials into their firms. Steve McGough, president & CFO at HCSS, and Tom Webb, vice president, Strategy/R&D at HCSS, will be the presenters.

Senior ARTBA staff will also:

  • Provide a status report on congressional efforts to find a permanent revenue fix for the Highway Trust Fund and pass a new transportation infrastructure package;
  • Deliver an update on federal regulatory developments; and
  • Share a comprehensive analysis of current transportation construction market conditions in the south.

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