By Dave Bauer, senior vice president, government relations, ARTBA

With members of Congress back home until Sept. 5, ARTBA members should take the opportunity to remind them about the importance of including a permanent Highway Trust Fund revenue solution in the tax reform efforts they are expected to continue after Labor Day.

Invite your senators or representative to your office or job site. Make a point of speaking with them at town hall meetings and other public events. The ARTBA co-chaired Transportation Construction Coalition (TCC) has issued talking points for transportation construction industry activists to use during such encounters.

Please highlight these key points:

  • ARTBA and our stakeholder partners believe consideration of tax reform offers the best opportunity in years for us to successfully address the trust fund revenue shortfall.
  • A bipartisan majority of 253 House members sent a letter to the leaders of the tax-writing Ways & Means Committee calling for a permanent trust fund revenue solution in any tax reform bill.
  • If Congress fails to act, the trust fund will face annual revenue shortfalls of $18 billion once the FAST Act expires in 2021.

Please visit the TCC’s Hardhats for Highways grassroots website for more details on the campaign. If you have questions, or to provide feedback from your meetings with members of Congress, please contact ARTBA Vice President of Congressional Relations Dean Franks.