By Eileen Houlihan, senior writer/editor, ARTBA

Americans drove slightly more in October 2016 than in the prior month, snapping a three-month streak of mileage decreases, according to the latest data from the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Highway Administration. Travel on all roads in October totaled 276 billion vehicle miles, up from 265.3 billion in September. In addition, October 2016 travel was up 1.6 percent, or 4.4 billion vehicle miles, from October 2015, the data showed.

Vehicle miles traveled remain on pace for a record in 2016, with cumulative travel on all roads up 2.8 percent, or 74 2 billion vehicle miles, from 2015’s tally near 3.1 trillion miles. Final data about 2016 travel will not be available until spring. The FHWA’s monthly Traffic Volume Trends report is based on hourly traffic count data reported by states, collected at approximately 5,000 continuous traffic counting locations nationwide.