By Allison Rose, manager of member services and chapter relations, ARTBA

ARTBA has released the final edition of its Presidential Candidates on Transportation report ahead of the Nov. 8 national election. It includes details about the votes and views on transportation infrastructure investment of Republican nominee Donald Trump and Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton, as well as their running mates, Gov. Mike Pence (Ind.) and U.S. Sen. Tim Kaine (Va.), respectively.

The updated report includes remarks made at this year’s presidential and vice presidential debates. It also details a plan that Trump’s advisors released Oct. 27, which calls for spending $1 trillion on infrastructure projects over 10 years, if he is elected.

ARTBA released the first version of its report in March, when the Republican field in particular was crowded with other candidates. Information has been drawn from debate transcripts, public statements, legislative votes, op-eds, campaign websites and social media postings. The report also includes details on the infrastructure “plank” from the two major party’s national platforms, announced in July.

Read the report, and don’t forget to vote.