President-elect Donald Trump and a new Congress are gearing up for the federal legislative session that begins in January. A new infrastructure investment package is on the agenda. Nearly 200 state and local ballot transportation investment initiatives were approved on Nov. 8. And the year-old FAST Act surface transportation law is now being implemented.

ARTBA’s Chief Economist Dr. Alison Premo Black will assess the potential impacts of these issues and much more when she provides her 2017 Transportation Construction Market forecast during a Dec. 2 webinar. Register now.

The webinar will cover:

  • Market impacts of the Nov. state and local transportation ballot initiatives;
  • How 2015’s FAST Act implementation is being felt;
  • Modal forecast: highway, bridge, airport runway, transit, freight, rail, and ports/waterway markets;
  • State-by-state economic outlook for highways and bridges; and
  • State and local transportation funding trends; and
  • Prospects for new transportation funding package with new Administration & Congress.

This webinar is perfect for analysts & investors, transportation design and construction professionals, and public agency officials.

Participant will receive a copy of the PowerPoint Presentation and “Q & A” session with Dr. Black, plus a copy ARTBA’s national “2017 U.S. Transportation Construction Market Forecast.”