By Pete Ruane, ARTBA president & CEO

One of the most precious things we own is our time; how we spend it is a key indicator of what we value. In my nearly 30 years at ARTBA and the decade prior in the trucking industry, I’ve worked on a wide-range of legislative, regulatory, economic and legal advocacy projects. But throughout my career, great personal satisfaction comes when I know I have invested time on an initiative aimed at improving someone’s life—and nothing is better than actually saving a life.

The ARTBA Foundation’s “Safety Certification for Transportation Project Professionals™” (SCTPP) program is the culmina¬tion of years of effort in conception and development and will help fundamentally make our industry safer for decades to come.

It will also have global reach. Yet, at the same time, the creation of the SCTPP program shouldn’t surprise anyone who really knows ARTBA or its volunteer leaders. It is just the latest manifestation of the association’s decades-long, foun¬dational commitment to the safety of our members, the industry’s workers, and the more than 125 million people who use America’s road network daily.

In the last decade alone, ARTBA has provided safety training to over 100,000 workers. We have de¬veloped dozens of new, award-winning safety training programs addressing most transportation construction workplace hazards.

We now offer courses through our Online Learn¬ing Center, available on demand 24/7 via The ARTBA Foundation was an early innova¬tor in developing a first-of-its-kind, web-based research library: the National Work Zone Safety Information Clearinghouse, which celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2017.

ARTBA has hosted 20 national and international safety conferences for over three decades, and we’ve trav¬eled overseas to provide instruction to our colleague organizations. The association employs four full-time safety professionals—with a combined 75 years of experience—and outside trainers and consultants who are nationally-recognized leaders by their peers. I could go on, but I think you get the point.

The SCTPP program once again visibly illustrates why safety continues to be a cornerstone of ARTBA’s 115-year-old mission. No time is ever wasted when spent trying to protect and save people’s lives!