The latest information on transportation policy, regulatory, legal, environmental, economic, and safety issues is now easier to access with improvements to several ARTBA websites. Whether reading from your mobile device or computer, the updated websites are packed with useful information.

Here’s an overview:

Flagship Website:

ARTBA’s redesigned website features improved navigation, a more robust search function, and a homepage full of our most popular content.  You’ll find easy access to the “Washington Newsline,” updated Frequently Asked Questions, upcoming events and webinars, news releases and our Twitter feed.

Transportation Investment Advocacy Center:

The redesigned site is powered by an interactive U.S. map featuring the latest state news and information on transportation funding issues.  Launched in 2014, the Center is a first-of-its-kind, dynamic online education program aimed at helping private citizens, elected officials, organizations and businesses successfully grow transportation infrastructure resources at the state and local levels through legislation and ballot initiatives.

Users have access to more than three dozen reports and 50 extensive case studies on state and local transportation funding initiatives undertaken over the past several years.  It also features free email subscription access and easy connection to “TranspoAdvocate News” and a digital library of presentations made at the 2014 and 2015 National Workshop for State and Local Transportation Advocates.

National Work Zone Safety Information Clearinghouse:

Managed by ARTBA’s Foundation, the Clearinghouse is the “go to” resource for highway contractors, public officials, safety engineers and other traffic management professionals committed to helping reduce accidents and injuries in road construction zones.  The facility handles more than 200,000 information requests annually.

The most frequently accessed sections of the site such as flagger information, crash data and training are now easily found on the homepage.  The Clearinghouse includes accident and crash data, the latest technologies and equipment, best practices, laws and regulations, safety standards, news and research publications, training videos and programs, and public education campaigns.  Materials are also available in six languages.