By Rich Juliano, managing director of Public Private Partnerships Division, ARTBA

ARTBA Oct. 29 offered support for the Federal Highway Administration’s (FHWA) draft availability payment concessions public-private partnerships model contract guide (AP Concessions Guide).

The four-page letter is the third set of comments submitted by the association to FHWA as the agency fulfills its obligations under the “Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century” (MAP-21) reauthorization law to develop and disseminate model contracts for “the most popular types” of public-private partnership (P3) arrangements relating to transportation facilities.

ARTBA commended FHWA for the educational tone of the AP Concessions Guide, noting it was essential to provide needed information about the P3 process to as broad of an audience as possible.  ARTBA’s comments also offered a number of additional areas the association felt warranted discussion, including the life-cycle of P3 projects as well as project procurement.

ARTBA also offered to help FHWA continue its dialogue on shaping and improving the P3 process for transportation projects through the use of ARTBA-provided forums such as P3 division meetings or ARTBA’s annual P3s in Transportation Conference.  ARTBA will continue to work with FHWA as it moves forward in implementing MAP-21’s P3 process reforms.

Read ARTBA’s comments.

For more information, contact ARTBA Vice President of Regulatory Affairs & Assistant General Counsel Nick Goldstein.