With Congress scheduled to return to Washington next week, Labor Day Weekend parades, picnics and other events offer the last opportunity for you to communicate directly with your representative about the need for the House to act on a long-term highway and public transit bill this fall.

When talking with your congressman over the next few days, please convey these points:

  • The House does not have to like the Senate bill, but it does have to act.
  • House Transportation & Infrastructure Committee Chairman Bill Shuster (R-Pa.) has said his committee plans to produce a multi-year bill in September.  We need you to support that process going forward.
  • More importantly, we are asking you to back efforts in the Ways & Means Committee to generate new trust fund resource to not only fill the $15 billion annual gap between current spending levels and incoming trust fund revenues, but to ensure any multi-year bill grows surface transportation investment beyond simple inflationary adjustments.
  • Remind your representative that he or she was elected to address important national issues.  They should do their part to end the eight-year cycle of short-term bills and temporary trust fund bailouts.

Please contact ARTBA’s Vice President of Congressional Affairs Dean Franks at 202-289-4434 to let him know the results of your conversations.  Dean is working to keep track of all these meetings.

You can also use ARTBA’s digital grassroots platform to communicate with elected officials:

Thanks for your continued support!