by Carolyn Kramer, manager, Transportation Investment Advocacy Center

An updated report with information on over 160 transportation state level funding initiatives introduced in 2015—what’s passed, what’s failed, and what’s still pending—is now available. Some highlights include:

  • Washington, Nebraska, Georgia, Idaho, Utah, South Dakota, Iowa, and Delaware all passed legislation to ensure recurring transportation funding;
  • Kentucky, North Carolina and Vermont passed bills to stabilize their variable-rate gas tax formulas in order to prevent loss of revenue;
  • Connecticut, Georgia, Massachusetts, North Dakota, New York, Minnesota, Mississippi and New Mexico passed one-time transportation funding legislation; and
  • Maine, Texas and Louisiana have upcoming transportation funding-related ballot measures.

Other states continuing to actively seek transportation funding in 2015 include California, where lawmakers are currently in special session; Michigan, where legislators return to session in September; and New Jersey, where state leaders have declared intent to introduce legislation in the fall.

Read the full report of 2015 proposed transportation funding initiatives.