By Nick Goldstein, vice president of environmental & regulatory affairs, ARTBA

ARTBA is supporting a proposal included in the Senate Commerce Committee’s reauthorization of the commercial trucking and behavioral safety programs that would provide beneficial reforms to federal hours of service (HOS) regulations and urged committee members to press for a complete exemption from the rules for transportation construction industry drivers.  Specifically, the legislation would set deadlines on how long the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) can take to grant a temporary exemption from the regulations and also allow exemptions, once granted, to be permanent.  Further, the measure would also make eight existing exemptions, including an ARTBA-supported exemption for drivers of ready-mixed concrete trucks, permanent.  In a July 15 letter to the committee, ARTBA supported the proposed changes to the HOS rule and urged the panel to go further to exempt the transportation construction industry drivers from the HOS rules that are focused on long-haul commercial drivers

The Commerce Committee was working to approve the measure late July 15.  The legislation will be part of the full Senate surface transportation reauthorization bill.  Read ARTBA’s July 15 letter.