With the Highway Trust Fund (HTF) facing a critical deadline at the end of the month, transportation construction industry professionals are reminded to keep pressure on members of Congress at home for the last few days of their July Fourth recess.

“If you are going to a July 4th holiday parade or event, there’s a good chance your congressman and senators will be there,” ARTBA President Pete Ruane said recently. “Walk right up to them and ask them what they personally are going to do to before the July 31 funding deadline to ensure the Highway Trust Fund’s cash flow problem is permanently fixed.”

Those who are not able to connect personally with their elected officials can access ARTBA’s digital grassroots platform via their mobile phone or tablet to message lawmakers via email, Facebook and Twitter.

Ruane said there is, once again, broad-based bipartisan support for federal highway and public transportation investment. He noted there is now increased pressure on congressional tax committees to develop a long-term plan to stabilize and grow HTF revenues, which could help pave the way to passage of a multi-year bill. Otherwise, Congress will have to fund another short-term extension.

Lawmakers reconvene in Washington on July 7