ARTBA and the Transportation Construction Coalition (TCC) are stepping up efforts to pressure Congress for a permanent Highway Trust Fund (HTF) solution and passage of a multi-year surface transportation investment bill.

The TCC launched an online petition targeting key congressional leaders that already has gathered more than 3,100 signatures from industry professionals.

“There are no short-term fixes for the nation’s ailing roads, bridges and transit systems,” the petition says. “It is time for Congress to enact a long-term plan to deliver the mobility American businesses and families need.”

The petition, which closes June 12 – a week from today, will be sent to Congress to demonstrate widespread support for a new surface transportation bill.

You can reach the petition via the site that was established by TCC member, the American Society of Civil Engineers. Once you’ve signed, spread the word among employees, co-workers, business partners, suppliers, industry professionals or other people you know who care about the need for good roads and transit systems. Email them the link to the petition website.

Also, direct these same people to ARTBA’s digital grassroots campaign, which is available on the Transportation Makes America Work website. It takes just a few clicks to easily contact your U.S. senators and representatives via email, social media and phone. The campaign, which began in April, was recently updated after Congress passed yet another short-term transportation spending authorization.

The new deadline for Congress to take action is July 31, and there’s no such thing as telling lawmakers too many times to #FixTheTrustFund.