Congress returns to Washington, D.C. June 1, having passed another short-term transportation spending authorization at the 11th hour before leaving town for the Memorial Day recess.

That means it’s time for ARTBA members and other industry professionals to rededicate their efforts to keeping the pressure on lawmakers to fix the Highway Trust Fund’s (HTF) before the latest extension expires July 31.

All the tools to easily contact your U.S. senators and representatives via email, social media and phone are available through ARTBA’s digital grassroots platform, which is on the Transportation Makes America Work website.

“Permanently fix the Highway Trust Fund cash flow problem this time. No more excuses after July 31. Why is it so hard for you and your colleagues to do the obvious—restore the purchasing power of the federal highway user fees, the gas and diesel tax? It’s fair, proven and provides predictable funding. I want you to support Getting Beyond Gridlock:,” says the ready-to-send email. Similar, but shorter, messages can be sent to members of Congress via Twitter and Facebook, or delivered via phone.

The campaign is an extension of the grassroots effort that began back in April. So far, more than 2,200 emails, tweets and Facebook posts have been sent by industry professionals to members of Congress from ARTBA’s platform.