By Mark Holan, editorial director, ARTBA

Social media might be the latest way to contact members of Congress about the importance of fixing the Highway Trust Fund, but it isn’t the only way.

ARTBA members and their employees, colleagues and supporters are urged to email and/or send letters to their two U.S. senators and member of the U.S. House of Representatives.

Please feel free customize the communication with information about your firm and how many people it employs in their district/state.  Here’s suggested text that you can use for an email or to put on your company’s letterhead:

The failure of Congress to act on a long-term revenue solution for the Highway Trust Fund is hurting me, my family and hundreds of thousands of others who build, maintain and manage the nation’s transportation infrastructure.

It is disgraceful that Congress has passed more than 30 temporary extensions of transportation funding, which is whipsawing state and local planning.  I hope you are fully aware that since 2008, Congress has added over $50 billion to our children’s debt just to maintain current road and transit funding.  That’s generational theft.  And it’s wrong!

Congress doesn’t need more time to figure this out.  Just do your job!  The federal gas tax rate hasn’t been raised since 1993.  A 15 cent increase, which would cost the average driver less than $100 annually, would get the program back on track for at least the next decade.  And don’t tell me the gas tax is not sustainable because cars are more fuel efficient and people are driving less.  CAFÉ standards have been slowly tempering HTF receipts since they were first enacted in 1975.  That’s not news.  And it’s not a reason to dismiss the gas tax as a reliable and predictable funding mechanism.  Check out the U.S. Energy Information Administration’s latest forecast.  They believe motor fuel use will be stable for the next decade due to a growing population and economy.

My family and work colleagues are watching what you do… and will be voting accordingly in 2016.

                I look forward to your response.


Address and contact information for your members of Congress is here: and