By Nick Goldstein, vice president of regulatory affairs, ARTBA

ARTBA and nearly 60 other industry association members of the Waters Advocacy Coalition (WAC) are urging Congress to pass legislation that blocks environmental regulators from expanding wetlands jurisdiction to include roadside ditches and other bodies of water.  Read the April 30 letters to the House and Senate.

Separate measures have been introduced in both chambers which would require the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to halt current efforts to expand the jurisdiction of the federal Clean Water Act (CWA).  In opposing EPA’s efforts, ARTBA has stated on multiple occasions that “roadside ditches are not, and should not be regulated as, traditional jurisdictional wetlands since they are an essential part of any transportation improvement project and contribute to the public health and safety of the nation by dispersing water from roadways.”

Additionally, the WAC ran an advertisement in the April 30 issue of “Politico” stressing the importance of blocking the EPA proposal.  Both the House and Senate legislation await votes in their respective chambers.