By Kashae Williams, program manager, ARTBA

At the 27th annual Public Private Partnerships (P3) in Transportation Conference, July 15-17 in Washington D.C., ARTBA will honor individuals, companies and public agencies who demonstrate outstanding achievement in the establishment and delivery of U.S. transportation P3 projects through its P3 Awards program.

The “P3 Awards” competition is structured into two categories:

The “Entrepreneur of the Year”  award is given to one public sector official and one private sector individual who have made exceptional contributions to the forward progress of P3s in the U.S transportation industry. The public official must be a current or former employee of a federal, state or local U.S. government or agency.

The “P3 Project of the Year” award spotlights a project that demonstrates the value P3s bring to the U.S. transportation construction industry. Entries for the P3 award must be a U.Sbased project,  fully-operational at the date of entry, and must have been selected through a competitive process. All firms and/or agencies that played a significant role in the nominated project should be cited in the application. The award itself is given to the entire project team.

All nominations must be submitted online at by April 30.  There is no application fee for nominations and anyone may nominate a project and/or one candidate for an award. Contact ARTBA’s Program Manager Kashae Williams at (202) 289-4434 with questions.