Fred Teichert of Teichert, Inc., above, speaks at the awards luncheon.

By Mark Holan, editorial director, ARTBA

At the April 14 ARTBA Foundation Awards luncheon honoring the winners of the inaugural Helping Hand Awards—which recognize outstanding corporate philanthropy programs—Fred Teichert of Teichert, Inc., used the acronym BUILD to remind his industry colleagues of why it’s important to help their communities beyond their regular transportation construction work.

Teichert accepted a second place award for the firm’s charitable work near its Sacramento, California, home base. Employees volunteer their time and money to projects like “NeighborWorks,” an education and counseling agency for low-income home owners. The Teichert Foundation has granted more than $10 million to local organizations since 2009.

“Teichert, Inc., considers it a privilege to be part of this industry,” Teichert told the luncheon audience. “Every day, contractors are helping their communities, mostly unsung.”

Here’s his acronym:

B – Belonging:  on a service project, everybody’s part of the team!

U – Usefulness: Rising above the daily grind to do something priceless, like helping a little kid learn to read.

I – Influence: Studies have shown that employees prefer to work for companies that give back.  Service rounds out the skill and integrity that build community, customer and peer recognition.

L – Laughter: service projects bring out the fun side of people, often removing barriers between line and staff, labor and management.

D – Do it!  It feels great to do a project that makes a difference, rather than just griping about what’s wrong with the world.

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