House Transportation & Infrastructure Committee Ranking Member Peter DeFazio (D-Ore.) used ARTBA data and charts during a speech last week on the House floor to highlight what he says the House Republican budget would do to slash investment in transportation infrastructure projects.

DeFazio noted a recent ARTBA study showing how much each state relies on federal funds for capital improvement projects through the Highway Trust Fund (HTF). ARTBA’s analysis of FHWA’s Highway Statistics shows federal funds, on average, provide 52 percent of annual state DOT capital outlays for highway and bridge projects.

With a giant map of ARTBA data behind him, DeFazio said, “If you’re in a bright yellow state, you’re more than 70 percent reliant on federal funds . Georgia would get $1.1 billion less. I guess Georgia doesn’t need the money. The roads, congestion around Atlanta is not a problem,” DeFazio said. He also noted how much California and Louisiana would stand to lose in federal funds under the budget plan. Georgia relies on federal funding for 62 percent of its transportation capital spending, while California is 49 percent reliant on federal funds and Louisiana relies on federal funding for 48 percent of its capital outlays, according to ARTBA data.

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