The ARTBA Foundation’s newest award program—Helping Hand—recognizes transportation design, construction and safety industry firms that have programs—outside the scope of normal business operations—aimed at improving the quality of life in the communities where they are located. Nominations should include public service and engaging community action programs that respond to the underserved and unmet needs of the community, including but not limited to, mentoring school children, helping the disabled, providing food or clothes for the homeless, cleaning up litter, or providing other services to disadvantaged neighborhoods. A major portion of the nominee’s community relations program must have taken place in the previous 18 months, but judges will also consider ongoing efforts outside this timeframe which illustrate the depth of commitment. There is no fee to enter and nominations should be submitted online by February 6, 2015.  Contact ARTBA’s Program Manager Kashae Williams at  with questions.  Winners will be honored at a special lunch held during the 2015 ARTBA Federal Issues Program April 13-15 in the Nation’s Capital.