Photo courtesy of California Engineering Contractors, Inc. Photographer: Sam Burbank

ARTBA submitted comments October 14 detailing a number of unintended consequences an employer could potentially face as a result of a March 2014 Occupational Safety and Healthy Administration’s (OSHA) proposal to strengthen requirements for reporting workplace injuries and illnesses. ARTBA voiced concern regarding the plan’s stringent reporting timelines, which may be unfeasible for transportation construction employers dealing with injuries occurring on worksites located miles off-site from their main headquarters. ARTBA also noted the rule could create a conflict between proper employee protections for reporting injuries and employers’ legitimate need to discipline employees for violation of company safety policies.  ARTBA urged OSHA to re-examine the proposal and structure it in a manner that would not present as many unintended risks for employers who properly enforce safety policies and report injuries in a timely manner.  View ARTBA’s comments.