The Transportation Investment Advocacy Center (TIAC) is tracking 42 state and local transportation funding related ballot initiatives that will come up for vote on November 4.   Voters have already decided the fate of 44 measures that were on the ballot during the primary season, approving 82 percent of the initiatives.

Half of the upcoming measures are local ballots to increase, extend or establish a sales tax that will dedicate revenue to highway, bridge or transit investment.

The six state measures on the ballot next month include:

  • Two initiatives to protect transportation funding (Wisc., Md.)
  • $35 million bond for modernizing mass transit hub infrastructure (R.I.)
  • Redirect $1.2 billion in revenues to support transportation investment (Texas)
  • Repeal of state law indexing the state gasoline tax to inflation (Mass.)
  • Creation of a state infrastructure bank (La.)

TIAC will publish a full analysis of the funding measures after the November 4 election. Historically, state and local voters have approved 73 percent of the 425 ballot initiatives to increase funding for transportation investment since 2000. These include bond measures and the renewal, extension, or implementation of a sales tax, property tax, or income tax.

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