Missouri voters weighed in on transportation funding options during an August 4 town hall meeting in Columbia, Missouri, one month after a three-fourths-cent transportation sales tax increase was defeated at the polls.

Residents discussed several road funding options, including raising the state gas tax, toll roads, or a smaller sales tax increase. Some suggested that pulling revenue from multiple sources would be preferable to voters, stating that a multipronged approach would spread out the financial burden.

The Thursday town hall meeting was hosted by five state representatives from Columbia. Representative Chris Kelly (D-Columbia) was in favor of obtaining transportation funds from multiple sources, stating that he would like to raise Missouri’s sales, gas and income taxes as well as create a tollway in order to fund state infrastructure projects. Representative Caleb Rowden (R-Columbia) was also in favor of toll roads, and stated that a combination approach was “plausible”. Additionally, Representative Caleb Jones (R-California) supported bonds to fund transportation maintenance and improvement. Also in attendance were Representatives Stephen Webber (D-Columbia) and John Wright (D-Rocheport).