The National Freight Advisory Council (NAFC) July 14 presented a report containing 81 recommendations for the development of a National Freight Strategic Plan to the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT).

Multiple recommendations made in August 2013 by the ARTBA Trans 2020 Task Force, a team of association members who submitted a series of seven policy papers on the implementation of the 2012 surface transportation law, MAP-21, were echoed in the NAFC report.  Specifically, both ARTBA and the NAFC agreed on expanding the use of categorical exclusions to expedite project delivery.  The NAFC agreed with the Trans 2020 task force in advocating for a regional approach to freight planning.  The NAFC calls for the “development of definite freight delivery networks”, including truck-only lanes, is consistent with key elements of the ARTBA proposed “Critical Commerce Corridors” dedicated federal freight program.  ARTBA will continue to work to secure a national transportation system which can adequately meet the country’s demand for efficient movement of goods and services.

The Trans 2020 reports are available at: