As the House and Senate continue exploring policy solutions to fix the Highway Trust Fund, a new online and social media campaign called the “The Shocking Truth” has been creating buzz in D.C.

Launched by ARTBA’s “Transportation Makes America Work” (TMAW) communications advocacy program June 17, the two-week advertising blitz in print and online with “The Washington Post”  is targeting members of Congress and their staffs.  The effort has been successful in driving internet traffic to the website (, which in turn, is creating a spike in social media activity.

The site features shareable infographics that show the value of transportation infrastructure investment and its impact on health and safety, children, family budgets, American quality of life and the economy and can help members of Congress articulate the importance of this investment to their constituents. ARTBA has received positive feedback from key Hill staff and other Washington policy influencers.

Information shared includes facts about: “Health & Safety,” “Emergency Response,” “The Economy,” “Moving Commerce,” “What We Pay,” “What is Happening to Our Roads & Bridges,” and “How Much an Improvement Costs.”  The last set infographs is being released via social media today on the “Cost of Inaction,” which shows how growing congestion threatens our personal and economic wellbeing.

Phase two of the strategy begins next week.  ARTBA will be pushing the infographics out to transportation design and construction industry executives for their use with their elected representative back home during the July 4 and August congressional recesses.