In a sign of just how important the looming Highway Trust Fund crisis has become, newly-elected House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) was asked by “Fox News Sunday” show host Chris Wallace June 22 if he supported raising the gas tax.  The transcript of their exchange is below:

Wallace: OK. The Highway Trust Fund runs out of money this summer. Do you support raising the gas tax to keep the trust fund going?

McCarthy: No. That’s a Democrat idea. Continue to raise taxes on the families going forward. Why don’t we find a broader solution?

The whole highway bill is another example of why I ran. This was a good intended to go through. It now does things it never was intended to do. We can build a bridge, the Golden Gate Bridge in three years, but it takes us two decades to build an on ramp. This needs to be totally reformed as we move. But I believe it’s one of the options that we put forward two years ago was the idea for a new funding source. Open up federal land for exploration, federal government, put that into resources to build the bridges and roads that we need.