Colorado John Hickenlooper (D) June 4 vetoed the “Transportation Enterprise Transparency Act” which, among other provisions, would have required special legislative approval for P3 project terms exceeding 35 years or including a non-compete clause.  In a letter to the governor in mid-May, ARTBA recommended a veto and suggested the governor consult with P3 stakeholders to discuss both short- and long-term policy options.  In its news release announcing the veto, the governor’s office acknowledged ARTBA as being among the groups who had recommended that he take this action.

Besides the veto, Governor Hickenlooper issued an executive order addressing concerns of the bill’s sponsors.  He also indicated plans to establish a P3 “Center of Excellence,” whose activities would include aggregating P3 best practices.  This is very similar to ARTBA’s recommendation relating to long-term stakeholder involvement.

ARTBA’s P3 Division thanks all of its members who provided counsel on this legislation during the recent process.  You can hear and discuss more about P3 policy issues by attending ARTBA’s 26th Annual P3s in Transportation Conference, July 16-18, in Washington, D.C.