Last week, U.S. Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx hit the road to eight southern states to take his message about the Highway Trust Fund and the need for action on a long-term surface transportation bill directly to the public, and the governor and members of Congress in each of those states.  With Congress back home for one more week, transportation design and construction professionals also have the opportunity to weigh- in with their representative and senators with this simple message: “Fix the Highway Trust Fund.”  

You can use the ARTBA Grassroots Action Center to reach your elected officials.  All you need is your zip code and you will be able to access the phone number for the member’s local office(s).  The Transportation Construction Coalition (TCC), co-chaired by ARTBA and consisting of 29 labor and construction-related associations, also has resources available through its  “Hardhats for Highways” campaign website:  The effort aims to help educate Congress about the connection between local jobs and federal highway and transit investment.   Special “Hardhats for Highways” decals can be mailed to construction firms and local unions across the nation asking them to write the number of jobs at their firm on the hats and then present them to their congressman and senators.

The “Transportation Construction Advocate™” app, which can be downloaded to your iphone or Android device, is also a resource for your use.