The U.S. House of Representatives April 10 voted 219-205 to approve its FY 2015 budget resolution.  The measure provides broad outlines for federal spending and fiscal policy.  However, this resolution differs from past House budgets in that it includes a detailed discussion of the challenges facing the Highway Trust Fund.  The proposal, like past years, recommends restraining federal surface transportation investment to levels that could be supported by current trust fund revenues, but does acknowledge the trust fund requires $16-$17 billion a year simply to maintain current highway and public transportation investment levels.  It also includes a mechanism that would allow trust fund-supported spending to increase beyond what current revenues can support if additional resources are found—a provision not included in last year’s plan.

It is unlikely the Senate will consider a budget resolution this year.  Senate leaders have pointed out that the FY 2014 and FY 2015 statutory budget agreement reached in late 2013 overrides the need to complete one this year.