The uncertainty surrounding the Highway Trust Fund (HTF) is having real world consequences—the Arkansas Department of Transportation announced it is suspending 10 highway projects valued at $60 million because of the federal funding situation. Absent new revenues, all the money coming into the HTF in FY 2015 will have to be used to pay for projects already underway, meaning the federal aid highway and public transportation programs would not be able to fund any new investments in in the next fiscal year, which starts October 1. “Based on our evaluation, if we execute all contracts that are scheduled for the April letting, the Department may not have adequate funds to ensure full payments to contractors during this period of reduced Federal reimbursements,” said Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department Director Scott Bennett in a press statement. There are eight other states that have publicly expressed concern about the HTF situation and how it will impact their future activities, according to ARTBA research, including Georgia, Iowa, Kentucky, Missouri, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Dakota and Vermont.